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ArtPrize 2023 Mobile App Partner Announced

Grand Rapids start-up Flockx supports ArtPrize experience

Today, ArtPrize announced an additional partnership for its 2023 events. West Michigan

technology company Flockx is coming alongside the international art competition and cultural

event to support both attendees and the local businesses opening their doors to residents, out

of towners, and anyone coming to Grand Rapids for the festivities.

Flockx’s app builds communities by answering the essential question, “What is happening right

now in the area I am in?”

For app users, this means finding what restaurants near them might be offering artist receptions,

happy hours or specials, when and where live music is being offered, and other great

community events that seem to pop up out of the blue during ArtPrize. For small businesses,

Flockx seamlessly populates events, offers, specials, and announcements in the app. Flockx

also has relationships with out of home advertising opportunities (billboards, wallscapes,

posters, etc.) at a fraction of the cost of paying for these options on their own.

ArtPrize venues have the option to opt-in to the flockx platform at no cost. By doing so, and

adding activities or offers of additional happy hours, specials, or events that will be happening at

your location during ArtPrize, Flockx will equitably distribute $25,000 worth of rotating billboard

advertising amongst the venues that chose to participate with Flockx and add an activity in the


“We are excited to partner with Flockx,” says ArtPrize Executive Director Catlin Whitington. “Our

team has been actively working on our technology assets and to improve wayfinding for ArtPrize

participants in our urban core. Grand Rapids really comes alive during ArtPrize, and we are

excited to showcase all that the city has to offer during this time.”

Says Flockx CEO Devon Bleibtrey, “We are re-launching an updated version of our app during

this time and we could not be more thrilled to partner with ArtPrize. While our sponsorship and

free advertising extends to just the ArtPrize venues, we encourage all businesses and

community leaders to give Flockx a try during this time.”

And for community members who are looking for more holistic ways to round out their ArtPrize

viewing with food, music, and other happenings - the Flockx app is available for download on

both Apple and Android.

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