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GVSU to highlight advances in technology during Tech Week GR

Grand Valley will have the opportunity to highlight technological advances in cutting-edge spaces, elevate discourse about technology and provide a glimpse of the future as a partner with Tech Week Grand Rapids. The Pew Grand Rapids Campus will be the hub for GVSU-sponsored programming at the second annual Tech Week GR, which runs from Sept. 18-23. Organizers said this collection of events allows educational institutions and companies to showcase the vibrance of the tech community. "Grand Valley's partnership with The Right Place for Tech Week GR allows us to showcase our commitment to expand Michigan’s knowledge economy talent pool into the future," said President Philomena V. Mantella. "We are excited for the West Michigan community to see the creativity and expertise that GVSU offers." GVSU's offerings include an extended reality experience on the Blue Bridge as well as presentations showing the innovative work being done at Grand Valley and discussions of technological trends.

Here are the GVSU-sponsored events, one of which is already sold out:

  • Sept. 19, 4-6 p.m., Shape Corp. Innovation Design CenterCreative Solutions that Change Lives: The Engineering & Computing Mindset. This immersive event will explore the initiatives faculty and students are involved with. Exhibits range from FIRST Robotics robot demonstrations to Laker Racing, including SAE Formula 1 car and a Solar Racing Car.

  • Sept. 20, noon-2 p.m., John G. Russell Leadership Center (sold out) – Tech Talks. Experts will discuss the latest developments in the technology field, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and extended reality.

  • Sept. 21, 6-7:30 p.m., Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids – GR in XR on the Blue Bridge. This community event will use extended reality technology to help participants see the possibilities of the future for GVSU and the City of Grand Rapids.

Grand Valley's involvement with the Confluence Festival includes an esports competition on Sept. 23. GVSU is among more than 40 partners that are collaborating to host Tech Week Grand Rapids, with support provided by premier sponsor, Bank of America.

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