How to
HOst a tech
week event

Tech Week Grand Rapids is built by our event hosts. Your organization can showcase your tech expertise by hosting a Tech Week event. The steps to get started are listed below, and we'd love to meet with you to talk about your event ideas.
Get Connected and Get Started
01. Plan your Event
Event hosts are the driving force behind their events. Ensure you have all key components planned, including format, topic, venue, dates and messaging. Tech Week events are intended for education and connection (no sales pitches, please!).
02. Applications and Timing
Applications for events open in May, and we accept submissions on a rolling basis until mid-August. Note that Tech Week will not reserve time slots and events may overlap.
03. Types of Events
Tech Week Grand Rapids welcomes a variety of event formats. Below are some examples. Don’t see your event idea?  Connect with our team to discuss your event.
Hands-on Tech Demos and Exhibits
Showcase the latest technologies and innovations through interactive demonstrations and exhibits.
Keynote/Panel/Q&A Discussions
Engage in insightful discussions with industry experts on trending topics and challenges in the tech sector.
How-to Workshops

Dive deep into specific topics with practical workshops. A few examples of past workshops include:

  • How To Use AI in Marketing
  • How To Integrate Machine Learning into Software Applications
  • How To Reskill/Upskill Tech Talent

Pitch Competitions
Offer a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to pitch their ideas and innovations to a panel of judges and potential investors.
04. Market your Event
Successful events require effective marketing. Event hosts are responsible for attracting attendees and ensuring the event's success. While Tech Week Grand Rapids provides support through our website and general promotion efforts, hosts must manage registration and communication. Additionally, hosts are accountable for all coordination, marketing and associated costs.
05. Join the Fun!
Hosting a Tech Week event means becoming part of a community dedicated to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem in the Greater Grand Rapids Region. Together, we'll promote #TechWeekGR and support each other's endeavors. Tech Week will assist by adding your event to our website, and by providing marketing materials and brand guidelines. For events seeking sponsorship, we'll also feature the sponsorship package on our website.
Get Started with Hosting an Event
Host FAQs
Who can host an event during Tech Week Grand Rapids?

Any organization is welcome to host a Tech Week event. Whether you're a tech company or not, as long as your event relates to Grand Rapids' tech ecosystem, growth, or innovation, you're eligible. Events must also remain non-partisan. All events undergo an application process before being listed on the Tech Week Grand Rapids website.

How do I apply to host an event during Tech Week Grand Rapids?

To start the application process, schedule a meeting with our lead organizer, Andria Romkema, via email at During this meeting, she will go over the details of how to host an event and talk over your event idea. Afterward, you’ll receive a link to an application form to fill out once your event information is finalized.

What are the benefits of hosting an event during Tech Week Grand Rapids?

Hosting an event during Tech Week Grand Rapids offers numerous advantages, including increased visibility, networking opportunities, access to a targeted audience and contributing to the growth of the tech ecosystem in the Greater Grand Rapids region.

Are there any costs associated with hosting an event?

Each event host is responsible for their event’s cost, allowing flexibility in budgeting according to your needs. If you’re seeking sponsorships, you can showcase your sponsorship packet on our Sponsor page for additional support.

What support is available for event hosts?

Once your event is approved, we’ll feature it on our Tech Week website and include it in various Tech Week communications to help promote it. Additionally, you will receive a Tech Week branding kit for your use.

Can I host a virtual event during Tech Week Grand Rapids?

While virtual events are prevalent in tech and innovation, we require in-person events for Tech Week Grand Rapids to facilitate connections and highlight the unique atmosphere of the Greater Grand Rapids region. Events may have a virtual option in addition to being in-person.

How can I promote my event during Tech Week Grand Rapids?

A few ways to promote your event is to utilize social media and email marketing, incorporating the hashtag #TechWeekGR and collaborating with other event hosts to maximize your visibility and engagement. Word-of-mouth and encouraging your teams to reach out to their personal networks is the best way to promote your event.

What happens after I submit my event application?

Applications are reviewed weekly by an approval committee. Once reviewed, you’ll be notified of your application status by the end of the following week. If approved, a member of the Tech Week team will reach out to you for any additional information we may need to list your event on the Tech Week website, and provide the Tech Week branding kit to support your event promotion.

What should I do if I have additional questions or need assistance?

For any further inquiries about hosting an event, please contact our lead organizer, Andria Romkema, at