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Join the community's leading companies and organizations supporting Tech Week Grand Rapids events. There are many opportunities to show your support by sponsoring our individual events.
Sponsor FAQs
Why should I consider sponsoring Tech Week Grand Rapids?

Sponsoring Tech Week Grand Rapids offers numerous benefits, including increased brand visibility, access to a targeted audience, networking opportunities and the chance to support the local tech ecosystem in Greater Grand Rapids.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

Tech Week comprises a community of 40+ event hosts, each offering unique sponsorship opportunities. Explore the available sponsorship packages above to discover the benefits associated with each level and package.

How do I become a sponsor for Tech Week Grand Rapids?

As Tech Week Grand Rapids consists of multiple event hosts, there are different contacts for each event. We recommend reviewing the sponsorship packets above and reaching out to the contact listed in the packet corresponding to the event you're interested in sponsoring. Feel free to contact them with any questions or to express your interest in sponsorship.